Working as a Scriptwriter

Every time people go to watch a movie, they will usually end up talking about the plot, the acting and the direction of the movie at most. You will rarely see people mentioning script writers or going out of their way to compliment them. So, a scriptwriter’s job is very underrated in the industry. Yes, there are awards for them, but scriptwriters do not get a lot of attention from the masses in general. However, it can still be very rewarding to write the script for major movies and then to watch them come to life.

Of course, life as a scriptwriter is not as easy either. You have to go to multiple production houses and try to convince producers that your writing and story is good enough for a movie and so on. So, with so many people trying to get their scripts pass production houses, you want to make sure that yours is also good enough to get an approval or greenlight, and there is no better way to do that than having your script be read by someone who not only has experience, but also excels in writing for movies and other productions.

Working with a professional will basically allow you to have a better insight into understanding what you need to tweak in your writing because these people have already experienced what you are going through and know what production houses are usually looking at when going through a script, so they will be able to advise you accordingly. You can even choose to work under a professional writer for a period of time as well. You can think of it as boot camp if you need to, you can check Christian Capozzoli’s Twitter, a renowned actor and writer, and see if he might be willing to take you in.