Using Kratom as a Recreational Drug

Alright, before we start talking about using drugs of any nature, we need to throw out a disclaimer for you guys. We do not condone the use or abuse of illegal drugs. If anything, this post is for harm reduction purposes, for those intending to experiment with Kratom powder for recreational or medicinal use. Now that that’s out of the way. Let’s talk about what you can expect from Kratom.

Kratom consists of two kinds of alkaloids that are found in the leaves of a mitragyna speciosa plant. The main effect of the consumption of kratom power is that of a painkiller and at higher doses, sedative. Upon consumption, the alkaloids present in the substance will affect your body’s opiate receptors. Before you use kratom for any purpose, you should know that the drug is an opiate in nature and as such, there is a chance of developing dependency on it if not used carefully.

If you’re going to use kratom powder, make sure that you’re buying it from a seller that can be trusted. The last thing you want to put in your body are painkillers that you don’t know the side effects of. You can buy high quality Kratom powder from bali leaf, so do check them out. Once you’ve obtained your powder, you should take a small dose of it to improve your mood and act as a stimulant.

At micro doses, Kratom can really help improve symptoms of depression and help you fight against anxiety. But be warned, if you take a higher dose, kratom might actually cause you to relax and lose your positive energy. It’s also very effective as a painkiller. However, if you intend on using it for recreation, make sure to take it with lots of gap days in between so you don’t build a tolerance and need higher doses each time.