The Benefits of Penetration Testing

For those who do not know, penetration testing, or commonly known as pen testing is a simulated attack on a computer system, or a website. This attack is most commonly used when a new website or security update is being introduced, and it is conducted in order to see whether the website or the computer system is completely secure from the attacks, or vulnerabilities.

You can head over to our website for an article on penetration testing explained. For some time now, many people people have been questioning the use of pen testing and wondering if there are any real world benefits to it. To be honest, I thought the same until I had gotten a test carried out on my own website, and I can attest to the fact that penetration testing is really effective.

Below are some of the benefits that you should check out.

Easily Determines The Security Level

One of the biggest benefit of this testing is that it easily determines the security level of the website or a system that you are running the test on. I know this might not sound good, but if you can find out the issues and security vulnerabilities beforehand, then you will not have to worry about them when the website goes live for the public.

Issues Can Be Ironed Out

Would you rather face an outside attack and then realise that the security system is not as secure, or would you rather find it out during pen testing, and then work on getting fixed? The latter seems like the best decision, and choice.

The good thing about pen testing is that once it finds the issues, the team can start ironing them out to prevent them from reoccurring.