Picking a Hiking Jacket

We all happen to know at least one person who is a hiking enthusiast that ends up going hiking for days on end throughout the year. While you might not understand it initially, however, once you give it a go yourself, you will understand the thrill of hiking. Once you have gotten a taste for hiking, you will want to continue going back to it, and before you start hiking on more serious trails, you want to make sure that you are prepared enough for it. So, apart from the necessary kits and items you will need, a hiking jacket happens to be amongst the essentials.

When it comes to hiking jackets, it is strongly recommended that you opt for waterproof hiking jackets since they are considered to be the best hiking jacket option for anyone. Now, some people buy two hiking jackets. One is a standard waterproof hiking jacket which they will wear throughout the year, and the other is a warm waterproof hiking jacket that they will only use if they hike in colder weather and in hilly areas.

If you want to determine whether or not you need to buy both types of jackets is to simply ask yourself where you plan on predominantly hiking, and what the temperature in the area usually is; so, if you will be hiking in a tropical climate, then you do not need to necessarily opt for a second warmer jacket. However, you can ask experienced hikers who also hike in your area for a more honest opinion. The next thing you need to keep in mind when buying a waterproof hiking jacket is to ensure that it is not only water repellant, but also breathable as well, because if your jacket is not breathable, you will end up sweating underneath your layers which will only hinder movement and make you tired more quickly.