How To Retweet

Retweeting is an art. Learn about the retweet button and how to retweet effectively on Twitter. A retweet is a tweet by someone else that you choose to share with your followers. Instead of copying and pasting it as your own tweet, you can use Twitter’s retweet feature, so that the original composer of the tweet gets his/her deserved credit from the twitter community. To use the Retweet button: Identify the tweet you want to share with your followers and hover your mouse pointer on it. Click on the retweet link below the tweet. A pop up will show you the tweet you are about to retweet. Click the retweet button. The tweet will then be shared with all your followers. That is very easy and very quick. The most obvious disadvantage to the retweet button is that nit doesn’t allow you to add anything to the retweet. A comment or an opinion on what you’ve just retweeted. To get the luxury of adding stuff to tweets, You can retweet manually. Copy the entire tweet including the username of the person who tweeted. Paste it in the compose tweet box. Delete the username and any other unnecessary parts as shown in the video. Go to the start of the pasted tweet and and add your comment, put a space bar and add the letter ‘RT’ You can only do this to short tweets that have much less than 140 characters since your finished tweet should have a maximum of 140 characters.