Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos used to be a very widely used mineral that many thought would have a lot of different benefits. However, with new research in to the matter, we have found that asbestos is not the magical mineral we all once thought it was, instead it is now a very problematic mineral that is believed to be linked to cancer and a number of other diseases. The worst thing about this is the fact that when it was popular, asbestos was used in just about everything, from public areas, to homes, to even food and consumer items. This means that there is still a possibility of you running in to asbestos without realizing it. Generally ou should get something like that checked and if you are unsure about whether your home contains asbestos, you can call in PAC Leeds asbestos surveys and have them check the area for asbestos.

We will also talk about a few problems and issues that asbestos brings with it. So the main danger with asbestos is the asbestos fibers that we can inhale or end up swallowing. The asbestos fibers or the asbestos dust does not have a particular smell, or taste, and it is not distinguishable from regular dust. Added on to this is the fact that there are not immediate symptoms either. This all means that you could be inhaling asbestos and not even realize it. As your body cannot get rid of these particles it stays in your body and can begin causing internal scarring and damage to cells. Over time genetic damage can be caused and your breathing can be affected greatly. The effects start overtly showing up about 20 years after asbestos poisoning may have occurred. Although no amount of exposure is a safe amount, heavy exposure is generally the worst.