Choosing an Electric Fillet Knife

It does not matter if you run a professional commercial kitchen or if you are just a home cook that loves to deal with fresh fish straight from the market, the first thing you have to do, before anything else, is breaking down the fish. This includes removing the skin from the flesh, dealing with any bones and chopping the fish into clean fillets. If you do not want to do the entire process manually and want to save time, you can opt for an electric fillet knife instead. If you happen to be interested in those, and want to know as to how to choose the best electric fillet knife? You can keep on reading below.

You want to make sure that the manufacturer of the electric fillet knife is a notable company is one that has great reviews and a good number of buyers of the product. You can check out online reviews, but if you want more detail, you can ask anyone else with an electric fillet knife about their recommendation. Research is really important here.

You then have to choose between cord and cordless electric fillet knives. A corded knife will have to require an electrical socket to function and does not allow as much free movement. Cordless electric fillet knives allow you to use them whenever and have more freedom of movement, however, the batteries do need to be changed often.

The electric fillet knife should have a comfortable grip that allows you to hold onto it properly and it should be well-balanced in terms of weight distribution. Other features you should look into are whether you are provided spare blades or not so that you have a backup in case you happen to lose a blade or damage it.