Signs Your Device Might Have a Virus

It does not matter if you are using a laptop, a PC, a tablet, or even a cellphone because none of these devices are entirely safe from potential viruses or hacks. Viruses are pretty common, and most devices nowadays have in-built antivirus or protection software that is able to deal with viruses and malware fairly quickly. However, these systems are not enough, and viruses can end up infecting your device, so in order to make sure that you are able to protect your device, you should be able to gauge whether or not your device has already been infected, which is why we will list down a few common signs that your device might potentially be infected so that you can take the right measures to fix the problem. In case you happen to be looking for antivirus software, you can check out the smadav 2019 version.

  • If you have noticed that your computer has significantly slowed down in function, there might be malware hidden in your computer. Small tasks like opening files or links, trying to gain access to the area and running other basic functions start taking a lot of time to get done.
  • If there are popups showing up on your computer screen, then that is spyware, a kind of malware that tries to gain access to your information.
  • If you are noticing that your system is crashing, especially when you try to run a few programs or things at once, then you have a virus in your system.
  • Unfamiliar icons and error messages suddenly appearing on your screen and homepage, especially if you are not familiar with their context or have never come across them before is another sign that you should be wary of.
  • If there are shortcut files and folders suddenly appearing in your device even though you have not made them, nor have you authorized them to be created or run is another problem.

The Benefits of Penetration Testing

For those who do not know, penetration testing, or commonly known as pen testing is a simulated attack on a computer system, or a website. This attack is most commonly used when a new website or security update is being introduced, and it is conducted in order to see whether the website or the computer system is completely secure from the attacks, or vulnerabilities.

You can head over to our website for an article on penetration testing explained. For some time now, many people people have been questioning the use of pen testing and wondering if there are any real world benefits to it. To be honest, I thought the same until I had gotten a test carried out on my own website, and I can attest to the fact that penetration testing is really effective.

Below are some of the benefits that you should check out.

Easily Determines The Security Level

One of the biggest benefit of this testing is that it easily determines the security level of the website or a system that you are running the test on. I know this might not sound good, but if you can find out the issues and security vulnerabilities beforehand, then you will not have to worry about them when the website goes live for the public.

Issues Can Be Ironed Out

Would you rather face an outside attack and then realise that the security system is not as secure, or would you rather find it out during pen testing, and then work on getting fixed? The latter seems like the best decision, and choice.

The good thing about pen testing is that once it finds the issues, the team can start ironing them out to prevent them from reoccurring.

Interactive Online Customer Support

E-commerce has now become a booming industry, and you will find that e-commerce contributes billions of dollars into the economy. A lot of entrepreneurs are starting out as E-commerce businesses, and from there on, choose whether or not they would like to extent to a traditional business models. At the same time, other old-school businesses are now going online and trying to earn income through it as well. So, it is easy to say that e-commerce or online businesses have now become very common.

Customers find this very convenient since they are able to buy items and make transactions at the comfort of their home, so they are not spending extra time or energy visiting shops/businesses to get things done. Now, if you happen to have an online setup, you also need to have online customer services and support personnel as well.

There is no perfect transaction every time, and sometimes customers have complaints or concerns regarding certain products. So, in order to make sure that anyone who visits your website as a visitor turns into a customer, then you need to have a ready online customer support and service program. If you do not know how to better your online customer support, you can start off by making use Kayako’s live chat software. This will allow customers to be able to contact any of your online customer support representative and have them be able to respond in real time. This software also comes equipped with a lot of other features like allowing you to label and tag conversations and organize them accordingly, be able to send an alert to other representatives every time a chat has been answered and a query has been resolved and so on. This way, your customers will leave with a good impression.

How To Retweet

Retweeting is an art. Learn about the retweet button and how to retweet effectively on Twitter. A retweet is a tweet by someone else that you choose to share with your followers. Instead of copying and pasting it as your own tweet, you can use Twitter’s retweet feature, so that the original composer of the tweet gets his/her deserved credit from the twitter community. To use the Retweet button: Identify the tweet you want to share with your followers and hover your mouse pointer on it. Click on the retweet link below the tweet. A pop up will show you the tweet you are about to retweet. Click the retweet button. The tweet will then be shared with all your followers. That is very easy and very quick. The most obvious disadvantage to the retweet button is that nit doesn’t allow you to add anything to the retweet. A comment or an opinion on what you’ve just retweeted. To get the luxury of adding stuff to tweets, You can retweet manually. Copy the entire tweet including the username of the person who tweeted. Paste it in the compose tweet box. Delete the username and any other unnecessary parts as shown in the video. Go to the start of the pasted tweet and and add your comment, put a space bar and add the letter ‘RT’ You can only do this to short tweets that have much less than 140 characters since your finished tweet should have a maximum of 140 characters.